Tipping Point

We believe every person has infinite value and worth, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done. We are glad you’re here to worship with us today.

There is a point at which a series of small incidents suddenly breaks through to accomplish a major change. This “Tipping Point,” as it is called, may seem to happen suddenly but always comes about because of a number of seemingly insignificant incremental events. Think of a house of cards; there is always one final card that instigates the Tipping Point, but the weight of all the cards ultimately brings down the house. As Jesus made His way to Jerusalem, His ministry reached a Tipping Point. The political and religious establishments could no longer ignore Jesus and His radical claims about the Kingdom of God, and soon, His disciples would no longer be able to ignore the reality of what He came to do. Join us for a sermon series exploring Luke 19 and 20 as we consider how the life of Jesus still leads each of us to a Tipping Point.