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Gary Lee Webber

Journey to the Cross

April 2, 2023

While far from the longest journey He had ever made, Jesus’ journey to the cross was certainly the most costly. Join us for a special service where we will retrace Jesus’ steps to the cross.

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Today is the beginning of Passion Week, the week we reflect on the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. We hope this time of worship reminds you of God’s great love for you as displayed through Jesus.

Small Group Questions

Use this outline for personal reflection, as a couples or family devotion, or with a small group.  


What is the most practical advice you’ve ever been given?  


Read Luke 14:1-11

  • What are two practical truths found in Jesus’ statements in this passage? What larger theological principles are behind these simple truths?
  • According to Jesus, what takes priority … religious tradition or someone in need?
  • What makes a person seek the seat of honor at the table? What is the risk associated with doing so? Can you think of a biblical example of when Jesus personally modeled the principle He taught in this passage?

Read Luke 14:12-24

  • Is Jesus’ advice in verses 12-14 also practical? Why or why not? What is counterintuitive and countercultural about this advice?
  • What prompted Jesus to tell the parable of the Great Banquet (vs. 16-24)? Based on this parable, how would you summarize Jesus’ response to what was said in verse 15?
  • In the parable, what two things did the master do in response to his invited guests declining his invitation? How does this relate to the Kingdom of God?

Read Luke 14:25-33

  • If Jesus said the second greatest commandment was to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, why would He say that if anyone doesn’t hate their mother, father, wife, children, and siblings, they cannot be His disciple?
  • What are the costs of following Jesus, and why is it important to count them before deciding to follow Him?
  • What does it mean to renounce all that we have? Is this practical? Is it even possible? If so, how?  


What are you holding onto that keeps you from fully surrendering to Jesus? Talk about it, invite accountability, and take time to pray together.

Daily Reading

This week we continue reading through the Gospel of Matthew and other key Old Testament passages. Invite the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart and mind as we reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  

  • Day 1: Matthew 26:1-30
  • Day 2: Matthew 26:31-56
  • Day 3: Matthew 26:57-75
  • Day 4: Matthew 27:1-10
  • Day 5: Matthew 27:11-66
  • Day 6: Psalm 22
  • Day 7: Psalm 23

Think Deeper

  1. What part of Jesus’ journey to the cross do you find most compelling and why?
  2. What made the disciples abandon Jesus during His hour of greatest need?
  3. What do you find most troubling about the crucifixion of Jesus?

Suggested Reading

The Day the Revolution Began, by N.T Wright

Jesus, the Final Days, by N.T. Wright and Craig Evans

Six Hours One Friday, by Max Lucado

A Case for Easter, by Lee Strobel

Check out these books from our suggested reading list at https://bit.ly/AspireSMB.