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Gary Lee Webber

The Lord Has Come

November 26, 2023

“Joy to the World” is one of the world’s most recognizable songs. The lyrics, written in 1719 by Sir Isaac Watts, are based on Psalm 98 and describe the arrival of King Jesus and His impact on the world. Join us for an advent series exploring the Joy that Jesus brings to every heart that prepares Him room.

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Psalm 98


The Inspiration (The ##source## of Joy)

The Singer (The ##recipients## of Joy)

The Song (The ##consequence## of Joy)

    A ##New## Song

    A ##Loud## Song


Begin a ##new## Christmas tradition that ##loudly## proclaims ##joy## to the ##world## this Advent season.

Small Group Questions

Use this outline for personal reflection, as a couple or family devotion, or with a small group.  


Respond to this question asked by Alan Fadling: “Have I been growing [year-by-year] with Jesus, or have I sometimes lived the same year over and over again, covering the same ground year after year?” Read Chapter 9 of An Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling to dive deeper into this subject.


“Maturity cannot be hurried, programmed, or tinkered with. There are no steroids available for growing up in Christ more quickly. Impatient shortcuts land us in the dead ends of immaturity.” – Eugene Peterson.

  • Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Do you have personal examples?
  • Does the Bible support this idea? If so, where?
  • When have you experienced your most significant spiritual growth? What contributed to it?

Read Luke 8:5-8 & 11-15

  • What does this parable teach us about spiritual maturity?
  • Which soil best describes your current state of heart?

Read Mark 4:26-29

  • What is the farmer’s responsibility? What can only be done by God?
  • What does this parable teach us about spiritual maturity?
  • What will you do in 2024 to prepare your heart for greater spiritual growth?


Share your current “sacred rhythm” and any plans you have to refine your plan in 2024. Talk about it, invite accountability, and take time to pray together.

Daily Reading

This week’s reading plan focuses on Psalms of Thanksgiving. As you reflect on all God has done for you, consider writing your own Psalm of Thanksgiving to the Lord.

  • Day 1: Psalm 28
  • Day 2: Psalm 30
  • Day 3: Psalm 34
  • Day 4: Psalm 57
  • Day 5: Psalm 89
  • Day 6: Psalm 92
  • Day 7: Psalm 111

Think Deeper

  1. What was the last new thing God did in your life?
  2. Do your typical Christmas activities focus on Jesus? Why or why not?
  3. What is something you and your family can do to make this Christmas different?

Suggested Reading

The Music of Christmas, by Gary & Sheri Webber

God is in the Manger, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

An Unhurried Life, Alan Fadling

Check out these and other books from our suggested reading list at https://bit.ly/AspireSMB.