The Weeping Tree 11 AM


Experience Christ’s Journey to the Cross

Join us for an evening of profound musical storytelling with "The Weeping Tree," a captivating cantata by the acclaimed composer Joseph Martin. This moving performance, presented by the Aspire Community Choir and Orchestra, invites audiences on a reflective journey through the timeless narrative of the crucifixion, seen through the eyes of the very tree that became the cross.

Under the direction of Eddie Lockamy, our talented choir, accompanied by exceptional instrumentalists, will bring to life the poignant emotions and deep spiritual themes of sacrifice, redemption, and hope inherent in this powerful work. Featuring a blend of traditional hymns, original compositions, and both scriptural and poetic texts, "The Weeping Tree" offers a unique and deeply moving perspective on a story of enduring faith.

This performance is not just a concert but a reflective experience designed to resonate with the soul, inviting listeners of all backgrounds to contemplate the profound themes of love and forgiveness that underpin the Easter season.

Monday, June 5, 2023*
10:00 - 11:00 AM*
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